Facebook Will Launch a Video App with Own Shows

Facebook has been in love with videos for a while. Anyone publishing content on the pages of the social media giant can see this; even the press wrote a lot about it.

Facebook’s initial target was Google’s Youtube, but now it has some other plans too, namely for the TV market. More specifically, it looks like it’s developing a video app for set-top boxes, like the Apple TV, that would feature "TV-quality" shows licensed by the company, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.


Facebook targets the app as the carrier of longer, higher quality content, thus forging deals with major studios to produce that very content. The goal of any such effort is to create ad revenue, and of course chase it’s rivals on the newly entered TV ad market. Longer video content means higher ad rates than the shorter videos it can utilize now. Of course it also means, the company will know more about our TV content consumption habits, and certainly, his information will be shared with its advertising partners. This aspect if the story is still to develop, but there's need for serious privacy concern, as always when such new services start off.