This Software Doesn’t Like Your Face – On LinkedIn

This Software Doesn’t Like Your Face - On LinkedIn

If you are like me, you never find a profile picture which is worth uploading. And if we are talking about our professional lives… well, let’s just say first impression matters. And when we want to make some really valuable relationships, we want to look good. How to be impressed with your perfect LinkedIn profile picture? Well, here is the answer.


Snappr’s Photo Analyzer observes your LinkedIn profile picture and, using a set of criteria, tells you how good it is. So basically, you upload your photo and it gives you a score from 0 to 100, The Next Web reports.

It also tells you to smile more, improve your posture and anything you want. So, here is the guy. Let’s face it, he is not looking great. But his picture got a 71 score. Not that bad, right? The main advice to him was to shut his mouth because his jawline shadow is visible. Really thoughtful!

The SPA not only criticizes you, but also the quality of the photo. It tells you if the photo is too dark or the contrast is not enough.

Source: The Next Web

The funny thing is that it’s working on animals too. So if you want your dog to be successful and have nice career feel free to use this analyzer. It helps a lot!

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